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Position Name Phone Email
Manager Bob Rohrer 708.354.3276 ccfb@cookcfb.org
 Ag in the Classroom Assistant Jill Drover 708.354.3276 aitc2@cookcfb.org
Bob Heine Building Maintenance Bob Heine 708.354.3276

Bona Heinsohn Director of Government Affairs & Public Relations Bona Heinsohn 708.354.3276 bona@cookcfb.org
Kelli McSherry Membership Assistant Kelli McSherry 708.354.3276 membershipkelli@cookcfb.org
Diane Merrion Ag in the Classroom Coordinator Diane Merrion 708.354.3276 AITC@cookcfb.org
Melanie Paffumi Operational Finance Manager Melanie Paffumi 708.354.3276 melanie@cookcfb.org
Katie Smith Director of Membership and Administration Katie Smith 708.354.3276 membershipkatie@cookcfb.org
Debbie Voltz Membership Assistant Debbie Voltz 708.354.3276 membershipdebbie@cookcfb.org