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September, 2015

Signup Begins for 2015-17 CCFB Action Teams/Volunteer Opportunities

Signup Begins for 2015-17 CCFB Action Teams/Volunteer Opportunities Cook County Farm Bureau is now accepting application’s for members who wish to participate in the 2015-17 programming Teams that serve the needs of the organization’s members. Five Teams provide outstanding involvement opportunities for individuals who carry a passion for agriculture, education, political involvement, innovation, public relations, local affairs, member service, or enhancement of a great industry.  Ag Literacy – This group of leaders focuses on the overall Ag in the Classroom program, consumer outreach and education, food checkout day, website overview, recycling programs, P.R. review, and ag literacy grant programs. Commodities & Marketing Team – This group of leaders works on promoting local farm stands, assisting farm markets, development of landowner group programming, equine activities, commodity promotions, agricultural tours, giant pumpkin contest and agri-tourism concepts. Me ...

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Fostering Literacy in Cook County

Farm Bureau volunteers discuss food and farming with Culver's patrons during a "Thank a Farmer" event at the Tinley Park Culver's.

Through Culver’s “Thank a Farmer” campaign, Cook County Farm Bureau® is donating an agricultural book exchange to the Culver’s of Tinley Park.  The book exchange will feature agricultural books for all ages.   Through a donation from Culver’s, the Farm Bureau is donating a book barn and books for Culver’s patrons. Book exchanges are small lending libraries for local community members to borrow or leave a book.  There are over 32,000 book exchanges worldwide, sharing over one million books annually.   Culver’s has donated over $1,300 to the Farm Bureau’s Foundation since 2013.

"Thank a Farmer" Scheduled for Sept. 28

Join Cook County Farm Bureau and Culver's of Tinley Park for food, fun and farm equipment.  On Monday, September 28 from 5:00 till 7:00 p.m. Farm Bureau volunteers along with their farm equipment will be at Culver's.  Families are also invited to participate in several kid and family activities.  A portion of the evening's proceeds will be donated to the Cook County Farm Bureau Foundation and will used to support agricultural education in the county.

USDA: Most Farmland Rented Out Owned by Non-Farmers

USDA: Most farmland rented out owned by non-farmers Over 16 million acres of Illinois farmland is rented out each year. USDA's national farmland rental trends in 2014.Published on: Sep 1, 2015 Agricultural producers rented and farmed 353.8 million acres of farmland, according to the results of the 2014 Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (TOTAL) survey results released Monday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Of these acres, 80 percent are owned by non-farming landlords. About 10% of farmland in the nation is slated for ownership transfer in the next five years, not including farmland that is in or is expected to be put into wills. Landlords expect to keep or put nearly 48 percent of these acres in trusts, USDA says. Illinois rental trends There were 127,808 landlord entities in Illinois who rented out agricultural land. The average age of the non-operator principal landlord was 66.2 years compared to 57. ...

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Farm Bureau Gathering Signatures in Support of Fairer Legislative Maps

In August, Farm Bureau announced its support for the Independent Map Amendment coalition.  The bi-partisan coalition is dedicated to: Attracting more candidates for the General Assembly and more competition for legislative seats, resulting in more choices for voters; Protecting the voting rights of racial and ethnic minorities and prohibiting drawing maps that dilute or diminish the ability of racial or language minority communities to elect the candidate of their choice; Respecting communities with shared interest and avoiding breaking through political and geographic boundaries; and Allowing the public to view and participate in redistricting.   The amendment creates an independent redistricting commission to draw Illinois legislative districts by an unbiased third party, will not be based on political affiliation and prior election results, and districts will be co ...

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