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Ag Mags

The Illinois Farm Bureau® Ag Mags are 4-page, colorful agricultural magazines for kids. They contain information about agriculture, bright pictures, classroom activities, and agricultural careers. Contact Cook County Farm Bureau® to receive copies for your classroom. 708 - 354 - 3276 or aitc2@cookcfb.org

Ag Mags are FREE if picked up from the Farm Bureau office in Countryside. Shipping costs will apply, if mailed. Click on a title to download a particular AgMag. We suggest that teachers reuse Ag Mags from year to year. 

Ag Mag Topics

Apples: Explore apple production, history, growth and varieties. Strong focus on Social Sciences standards.

Beef: A look at nutritional value, cuts of beef, products, breeds, and the stomachs of ruminant animals. Focus on Physical Development and Health standards. 

Careers: A look at jobs in agriculture, both farming and non-farming, and projected employment opportunities. Strong Social Science correlation. 

Corn:  A look at corn, diversity of products, and a strong emphasis on corn as a renewable resource for use in ethanol and corn plastic.

Dairy: Follow the route of dairy from the farm to the store to your home to your body. Emphasis on Nutrition.

Livestock: Focuses on livestock production which is an important part in Illinois agriculture.

Nutrition: Focuses on consumption agriculture and uses the food guide pyramid and exercise to optimize nutrition and fitness. Emphasis on Physical Development and Health.

Pollinators: What are pollinators and how can we help them? Delve into this important topic to learn how pollinators are a critical link in our food system.  

Pork:  Care of livestock as well as a strong emphasis on the environmental aspect of pork production.

Pumpkin: Language, Science, and Social Science standards are address through genetics, blossom dissection, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

Renewable Energy:Focuses on all aspects of energy including the history of it and tips for going green.

Seasons: Illinois is a top grower of specialty crops including peaches, tomatoes, horseradish and turf.  Learn how these local products are produced throughout each season of the year. 

Soil: Erosion, soil profiles, and usable land for food production are examined through Science-based standards. 

Soybeans: The versatile soybean is examined with an emphasis on Nutrition, Economics and Geography. Math and Science standards are also addressed in this issue. 

Tree: Environmental information on trees, focusing on how to care for trees, why they are important and careers involved with trees. 

Urban:  Focuses on different forms of Agriculture in urban areas including rooftop gardens, farmers' markers and food distribution.

Water: The water cycle, water transportation, water pollution, and water conservation are addressed through IL standards. 

Wheat: Illinois produces soft winter red wheat which is used to produce cereals, cakes, glues, pastes and more.  Learn about this grass plant from drilling to milling.