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We are excited to announce our new free middle school presentation, Agriculture Science and Careers which will allow middle school students to explore the phenomena of agriculture as it relates to Physical Sciences (Matter and Its Interactions:PS1-2, PS1-3) and Earth and Space Sciences (Earth and Human Activity: MS-ESS3.A, ESS3.C). 

This free “in-class” program will connect students to where everyday items come from and how scientists have researched and developed them using agriculture commodities such as corn, soybeans, coconuts, feathers, cows and more.   Students will collaborate in small groups and examine materials that are provided in order hypothesize on the uses of agriculture-based products. Ag Careers will also be touched upon in order to showcase the vast opportunities in this field as 1 out of every 4 students will likely enter a career related to agriculture.

Program includes pre/post-test, data collection sheets for completion during program and follow-up materials for teacher use. 

To book your 45 minute classroom presentation, contact our office via email aitc2@cookcfb.org or by calling 708-354-3276 and asking for Ag in the Classroom.  

Websites worth visiting to follow up on Agriculture Science and Careers Presentation  

Teacher Resources www.cookcfb.org/agliteracy  

Teacher Resources                                www.agintheclassroom.org 

Careers in Agriculture (Features 41 agriculture careers in video format)  www.youtube.com 

Career and Technical Education  https://utah.agclassroom.org/teachercenter

Careers activities  http://www.agintheclassroom.org/teacherresources/CareersLB.pdf  

Careers, Biotechnology  http://www.agfoundation.org/resources 

 Agriculture related careers  http://www.mycaert.com/career-profiles/

Science/Soybeans  http://www.podtoplate.org/pod-to-plate/lesson-plans/

 Science/Corn http://www.ilcorn.org/education/middle-school